Wild Response is a non-government organization (NGO) and wildlife non-profit developed by two US Army Veterans and long-time friends, Kevin Garrad and Jeff Mazziotta.

Our team’s goal is to prevent endangered species from being pushed into illegal poaching, and extinction, and to support Wildlife Conservation Practitioner’s efforts to the fullest extent possible. 

It has been an exciting and rewarding journey watching Wild Response’s impact happen over the last few years based on their passion, skills, and partnerships. The team is committed to the importance of all animal and human life.  By providing training and external resources to Wildlife conservation practitioners in critical locations worldwide, our team provides the most effective and informed training methods for each country and project location.

Wild Response is equipped with specialized and uniquely trained team members. We would especially like to thank everyone who has supported us along the way whether it be volunteering, sharing our media, or philanthropy donations. We strongly uphold the value of one team, one fight and we would not be able to do this alone.


Partnering with Wild Response means that you are partnering with a team of passionate individuals. Whose commitment to the conservation of the natural environment has brought them together.

- Our Credo -

  1. We believe each of us has a moral obligation to preserve the world’s natural environment for future generations.
  2.  We believe the wild should remain wild.
  3.  We believe wildlife rangers and conservation practitioners should get the training and equipment they need to protect endangered species.
  4. We believe in educating the youth to become good stewards of tomorrow's environment.
  5. We strongly believe greater conservation goals can only be achieved through both local and global partnerships.

Wild Response relies on your support and generosity to be able to carry out our work as effectively as possible.  We understand that our donors care deeply about the conservation of our critically endangered wildlife and the terrible effects the illegal wildlife trade and illegal poaching has on humanity and our planet and we are proud that you choose us to make that difference in the fight.