Why Is Our Wildlife Going Extinct?

Wildlife is going extinct at an alarming rate. That’s why Wild Response exists. We’re a wildlife non-profit that provides innovative training and support for wildlife rangers, and community development programs around the world. Our work is essential to tackling the issues that critically endangered species face. We believe there’s power in education, which is why we focus on providing awareness and resources to as many people as possible. With your help, we can make a difference!

Illegal Poaching

Illegal Poaching Happening on a Mass Scale

One of the main reasons many animals are becoming extinct is due to illegal poaching. Unfortunately, it’s happening on a mass scale and it’s having a devastating impact on our wildlife. At Wild Response, we offer RAMP ( Ranger Advanced Medical Program). This is realistic, hands-on training that can save lives in the field. Through our partner organizations and RAMP, we can work to stop illegal poachers.

Climate Change

Climate Change

Another big factor as to why our wildlife is going extinct is climate change. Black Rhinos, among many other animals, are critically endangered due to the loss of habitat. As the world gets warmer, their habitats are shrinking and they’re struggling to survive. Wild Response is proud to be a wildlife non-profit that provides awareness, education, training, and resources to contribute to this rising issue. 



Deforestation also plays a role in wildlife going extinct. Due to our agricultural development, we’re putting Black Rhinos and other animals at risk. This is why it’s important to support wildlife non-profit organizations like Wild Response, which are working to preserve our wildlife. If you’re passionate about saving our wildlife, check out our collaborations with different partner organizations that help us educate the public. 

Help Wildlife Rangers

Help Wildlife Rangers Make a Difference 

At Wild Response, we’re able to help our rangers on the front lines of conservation. They’re the ones out there every day, working to protect our wildlife. But they can’t do it alone. That’s why Wild Response offers support through RAMP (Ranger Advanced Medical Program) to help properly prepare our wildlife rangers and help our wildlife from going extinct. 

As a wildlife non-profit, at Wild Response, it’s our duty to protect the Black Rhinos and other endangered species from going extinct. Through our partner organizations and RAMP, we can work to protect our wildlife. Donate to our cause today!