The life of a ranger is difficult. Long hours working in remote areas with minimal support and constant danger. As you read this, rangers are working all over the world without the adequate training or equipment to keep them safe.

These issues result in 1 in 7 rangers being seriously injured while working. Similarly, only 15% of rangers report receiving any current medical training or medkits to prepare them for these dangers. This is unacceptable. We can no longer let rangers be silent casualties in the fight to protect our wilds.

In early 2020 Wild Response piloted its first Ranger Combat Casualty Care course in South Africa. The program was a resounding success. It has now grown and evolved into our cutting-edge Ranger Advanced Medical Program – realistic, hands-on, scenario-based training that is already saving lives in the field.

American Programs

We are expanding our endangered species training and education through outreach within American communities and organizations. The goal is to provide awareness and education on the roles of nature guardians, conservation efforts, and how stopping illegal wildlife trade and illegal poaching saves conservation land and endangered species. Contact us today to get training!