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once-in-a-lifetime experience

Special operations veterans are so used to being in and performing under a state of stress that being in a calm atmosphere may feel strange at first. At this one of a kind experience it will change your life with a much deeper connection to nature and the environment, in a way most are unaccustomed to. Embrace the need for a more primitive connection to the planet when technology and its distractions didn't dominate our lives so much.

At this time our program is tailored towards our Special Operation veterans, and their supporting organizations & charities. However, additional retreats may be facilitated for veteran organizations, small groups and other corporations when feasible.

We also accept (and encourage) any active duty (national guard) B.O.S.S (better opportunities for single soldiers) groups, company retreats, team building events and tailored Chaplain programs to contact us for unique opportunities to strengthen mental health and social well being of our service members.

Our Expedition is a Special Operations Command ‘Warrior Care’ program recognized retreat.

Behind The Scenes

With Wild Response

one-of-a-kind wildlife conservation expedition

Come join Wild Response on a one-of-a-kind ALL INCLUSIVE wildlife conservation expedition; In the heart of the African bush saving endangered species (this is not your traditional safari experience); whilst enjoying our little town ‘Hoedspruit’ explore the unfenced depths of Kruger National Park, South Africa.

Kruger Park Region

South Africa's Largest National Park

safari and nature documentary mecca.

World renowned for its

More Than
Mammal Species including the iconic Elephant, Rhino, Lion
bird species
species of reptiles
distinct different biomes

It is a truly unique place

and one of the best in the world for spotting wildlife.

inner peace & happiness

Overwhelming urbanization is taking over our lives. We are bombarded by a constant stream of noise and information. 70% of the world’s population now lives in cities.

We are a species undergoing a cultural extinction of our connectedness and place in the natural world...we have lost touch with nature and along the way we have lost touch with the immense healing benefits it brings us.

Exposure to true ‘wilderness’ full of African wildlife helps us step away from all that noise and drama, allowing us to pause...breathe...reset.

The Japanese call it ‘Shinrin Yoku’: This translates to Forest bathing and refers to spending time immersed in nature. Numerous studies have shown that prolonged exposure to wilderness and wildlife lowers blood pressure, reduces stress causing hormones, improves sleep (circadian rhythm), increases feelings of connectedness with environment, reinforces intrinsic values of community, relationships, purpose and personal growth; all leading to a much greater inner peace and happiness so many have searched for but, struggle to find with other veteran programs.

Not Found In A Bottle

Throughout the week, you will be attached to Wild Response.

Giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the daily conservation work that it takes to save some of the areas most endangered species.


If I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa

– John Hemingway

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hosts talking

Come meet our

Kevin & OUR PARTNER JOHN from 'Soldiers for Wildlife'

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